The Sassy Sibyl

The Wicked Sibyl

By the pricking of my thumbs...

So here's the story

Shortly after I finished the Melissa Lenormand, I started working on a horror themed oracle deck. This was YEARS ago. YEARS people. I quickly realized that my vision was not a Lenormand, but Lenormandesque. Unfortunately, life got in the way and the indulgence to work on a novelty deck became, well, an indulgence.

Three years of chipping away at this project has finally paid off. There are a few finishing touches to be placed on the card art, two photos I need to set up and shoot myself before I'll be happy, final edits, and the guidebook (which thankfully I have been working on in tandem with the art) to copyedit. This bad girl is going to print. July 14.

I've ordered 300 matte black tins (see my lovely sample tin in the photos below) and will devise a fancy label to affix. The cards will ship with an alternate Lady and Gentleman card, as well as a Joker and a title card. A little white booklet (an actual one, not like the pamphlet I have shipped with the Postmarks) will be included.

But how to proceed depends largely on you. I've got a few decisions to make about the deck.

  • Digital or offset printing?
  • Regular or premium stock?
  • Tin with tuckbox?
  • DIY LWB or professionally printed & perfect bound LWB?

The Cards

Sorry for the small, low resolution images, friends. There be pirates in these waters!

The images of the Wicked Sibyl are vintage collage, in a similar style to the Melissa Lenormand. I've used the Lenormand framework for this oracle, though I would be remiss if I were to call the resulting deck a "Lenormand". That's not to say that it couldn't be read like a Lenormand, in theory, and the basic card meanings follow my basic Lenormand style. I think the deck works wonderfully as a stand-alone oracle, so will come with card description write ups that are apt for daily draws, along with very un-Lenormand like spread suggestions.

This is not your granny's Lenormand deck. This is an oracle that you cozy up with after a bonfire, burning your insense in a Jack-o-lantern sensor, bourbon blood orange-spiced toddy (email me for the recipe!), pointy witch hat... you get the idea.

And for the love of Pete, don't try to read a Grand Tableau with this deck and then bitch at me when it's all creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, all together ooky... etc. etc.


I've decided to send the Sibyl to the printer on July 14. I've already ordered the tins, but depending on how ordering goes, I may opt for additional tuck boxes. The LWB is important to this project, and it will either be something I assemble by hand or something I have professionally bound. I'm hoping, of course, to go pro here. I would like to order sticker wrappers. I have something die-cut in mind.

I'll run the preorders until July 14 or until 300 copies of the deck sell, whichever comes first. It took about four weeks for the Melissa Lenormand to sell out, and I have no idea what the reception will be on this deck. If it sells well enough to justify offset printing, I will consider a larger print run, but only the first 300 will come with tins. The tins are cool though! They keep your cards nice and safe (from evil spirits).

At the very minimum, I will order 300 copies of the deck. Whether or not I order more, I can't say.


Shipping this round may not be so pleasant, especially if you live outside the US. USPS Priority mail small flat rate boxes are the most reliable and safe way to ship the cards, especially with the heavy tins. I don't want to have to weigh out individual envelopes separately. That said, it's now about $24 to send one of those bad boys across the pond. Sorry kids. If you want first class mailing options, you can email me, but depending on where you are in the world, and how many you want to order, flat rate may be your best bet.

If you live in the area and can pick up your cards in person, or if you're an international buyer and would prefer to getting a first class shipping estimate, email me and I will send you a link where you can purchase/preorder your cards without shipping charges (if you're one of those international folks, I'll send you an invoice for first class shipping).

Did I miss something? Send me a note. I like notes. Unless they're mean. Then really, don't bother.