What I do : What is a Lenormand

In 2010 I brought some copies of my Melissa Lenor­mand to the Read­ers Stu­dio. The reac­tion I got from nearly every­one who pur­chased one was, “What the hell is that? I want it any­way!” or “I’ve heard of Lenor­mand cards before… but aren’t they sup­posed to be bor­ing?” I left a lit­tle dis­cour­aged, but mostly unphased (you know it takes a lot to phase me). I wrote up a pro­posal to teach a study group in 2011 at the con­fer­ence, which was hap­pily accepted. So last year at the con­fer­ence I taught about two dozen peo­ple how to tell for­tunes with Lenor­mand cards. At the urg­ing of one of my study group atten­dees, I cre­ated my Lenor­mand classes – as a plat­form to get this work­shop out to as many peo­ple as pos­si­ble. It’s been slowly, steadily blow­ing up since then, thanks to the amaz­ing mod­ern Lenor­mands being pub­lished here in the States and elsewhere.

My audi­ence here on this site doesn’t always over­lap with the folks in-the-know about the Lenor­mand stuff — so con­sider this my “intro­duc­tion to Lenor­mand” entry. :)

What is a Lenor­mand deck?


  • A Lenor­mand deck (the Lenor­mand deck — that is the Lenor­mand div­ina­tory sys­tem repli­cated with the most fre­quency) has 36 cards.
  • Each card con­tains a sym­bol — a pic­ture like a dog.
  • Each card also con­tains a num­ber and a cor­re­spond­ing play­ing card.
  • Some decks con­tain a small verse that gives a clue to the mean­ing of the card — this is more uncommon.
  • Lenor­mand cards are typ­i­cally sparse — mod­ern excep­tions being decks like my own.
  • They are read in lines. The story that the cards tell is the metaphor­i­cal nar­ra­tive of the querent’s life.
  • They are easy to learn. The sym­bols are mod­ern and we still speak this same lan­guage today (whereas the lan­guage of the tarot might be con­sid­ered lost in antiquity).

How do you accom­plish a Lenor­mand reading?

  • Find a Lenor­mand deck.
  • Shuf­fle the deck and lay the cards out, face up, in four rows of nine cards each.
  • If you iden­tify as a man, locate the man card. If you iden­tify as a woman, locate the woman card.
  • Using how­ever many cards you find to the imme­di­ate right of the man or woman you chose, form a sen­tence that will speak of your imme­di­ate future.
(okay, it’s a lit­tle more com­pli­cated than that, but only ever-so-slightly!)

Lenor­mand read­ings work inde­pen­dently to the images of the cards. In this man­ner, a Grand Tableau that looks like this:

Will be read the same way as this one:

How can I learn more?

Every­thing you need to learn about Lenor­mand cards you can find for free online. There are many fab­u­lous blogs and web­sites ded­i­cated to this form of car­tomancy. I have quite a bit of infor­ma­tion you can crawl through on my site as well (check the Lenor­mand classes page or the free les­sons I’ve made avail­able). Ded­i­cate your­self to your study. It’s easy to learn, I promise. :)

The video course I offer is more of a guided kick-in-the-pants. Designed to get you in and out the door, read­ing cards as quickly as humanly pos­si­ble. :) If you’re hav­ing trou­ble syn­the­siz­ing what you’re read­ing in other sources or you just can’t get your brain out of “tarot mode” (or you never really expe­ri­enced any kind of “psy­chic mode” any­way) – you’ll prob­a­bly have good luck with my class. Many folks have had their Lenor­mand aha! moments by watch­ing my videos. I also host webi­nars you can attend for a small ticket fee – think of those like tak­ing a work­shop on a cer­tain topic though. If you have lit­tle to no expe­ri­ence with Lenor­mand, 101 is for you.

You might also stop by the Tarot Tribe’s Beyond Worlds radio show Sat­ur­day night – as I’ll be a guest! I’ll be chat­ting with host, Don­naleigh de LaRose, about get­ting into the Lenor­mand cards — the hows, whats, wheres, whens and whys.

And I promise, of course, to say all kinds of Sh*t Lenor­mand Read­ers Say…

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  1. Michael Dunlap

    May 16, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Thos sounds won­der­ful! I will defi­nat­ley try to tune in live or be sure to lsiten to the play­back. Also, I am going to be fea­tur­ing Lenor­mand Expert and Author of “Secrets of Lenor­mand Ora­cle” on my blogtalk­show which will be up and run­ning again in a cou­ple weeks. As a heads up…I would love to have you as a future guest! xxx

  2. Stella

    May 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    Dog is Dog whether it’s two dogs and a lady or D — o — g. I like that. :)

    Even with all the fun you have with this Lenor­mand thing, your logic is always sound. That’s why this page rocks. :D

  3. AndybC

    May 22, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Fan­tas­tic and funny Melissa. :)

    Love your deck and your no non­sense approach. Thank you.

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  5. Lord Ewin

    May 22, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Ohhh my good­ness…! Funny!

    Hon­estly though, have always liked your decks, and hope to see more of them! Mass pro­duced maybe????


    • Melissa

      May 23, 2012 at 7:39 am

      Thank you!

      Of course it is my dream to have the Melissa Lenor­mand pub­lished. That dream really dri­ves all the rest of my Lenor­mand work. :) I’m hope­ful the resur­gence of inter­est in the form will make that pos­si­ble someday.

  6. Jase

    May 25, 2012 at 8:54 am

    Hi-larious video! “The D is silent…” hah!

  7. Ina

    June 12, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Hello Melissa, maybe you got until now that it drags me back to you AGAIN! Oh dear… I just saw your video and it was just funny. Espe­cially when your daugh­ter(?) inter­rupted you. I am actu­ally readig Lenor­mand cards and I’m using my intu­ition a lot.

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