Thirty Days of Tarot class starting August 1

Thirty days of Tarot: A Tarot e-course


I’ve been just itch­ing to teach a Tarot class.


I wanted it to be per­fect. I wanted it to be com­pre­hen­sive. I wanted it to be as thor­ough an intro­duc­tion to Tarot div­ina­tion as my Lenor­mand classes are.

And it hasn’t happened.


Part of it, I’m a per­fec­tion­ist. Part of it, I have a LOT going on. And the other part—well, the Tarot has always com­manded me in a way no other ora­cle or div­ina­tion sys­tem has. It’s my heart­beat. It’s my blood. I love these cards. I love them. How could I teach them in a way that hon­ors my love for them?

It’s now or never.

But lately I’ve been sort­ing things out. And on that bucket list of mine is the Tarot class. So I dug out all the mate­ri­als, exer­cises, notes, and exper­i­ments I’ve been gath­er­ing the last five or so years, and I thought, what the hell? There’s about six more weeks of sum­mer left before fall creeps in and the kid­dos go back to school. I want to do sum­mer camp: Tarot style.

Enter: Thirty Days of Tarot

I’ve cre­ated this course, not to be an intro­duc­tion to Tarot, but rather, to be an intro­duc­tion to the kind of play and immer­sion that’s pos­si­ble with the Tarot. Each day, a new les­son will be pub­lished on the site (and stu­dents will get this via email as well). The lessons include invi­ta­tions to dig in, each day, to cre­ate a daily Tarot prac­tice that incor­po­rates the cards in dif­fer­ent areas of life—from the rit­ual to the mundane.

A full course descrip­tion, les­son list and FAQ is avail­able on Cour­seCraft.

You can join me for Thirty Days of Tarot for $29. Camp begins August 1.

Thirty Days of Tarot Class

Loneliness in the tarot

Over the week­end, I had a con­ver­sa­tion with a lonely per­son. I was chat­ting with a friend out­side a pub when he approached us and struck up a con­ver­sa­tion. He tried to make a con­nec­tion with us by shar­ing sto­ries about his expen­sive homes and cars, but unable to impress, he awk­wardly retreated back to the bar. Later at home, I started think­ing about that man and looked him up in the Tarot, as I do some­times with peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions. I found him (can you guess which card?) and then I sorted through and found seven other cards where I saw lone­li­ness indi­cated. The more I looked at the cards, the more I found they fell into two dis­tinct groups. This is how lone­li­ness shows up in a tarot read­ing, by shut­ting down and build­ing walls, or by retreat­ing inward and away.

This post is a mon­ster, so grab a cup of cof­fee before you continue! ;)

Con­tinue read­ing

How to read the Grand Tableau class now available

I’ve had the Lenor­mand 101 – Lenor­mand for Begin­ners class avail­able as a self-paced PDF for some time in the Books & Courses sec­tion of the web­site here. And the feed­back on that has been pretty pos­i­tive. I was never really happy with the PDF ver­sion of the course though, because it meant that videos wouldn’t be embed­ded and I had to use con­vo­luted pass­words and things like that to grant access to the material.

I came across Cour­seCraft a few months ago and finally got around to test­ing it out. It soon became clear that the plat­form was ideal for the Lenor­mand classes because it would mean I could offer both self-paced and group sec­tions, allow com­ments to be pub­lic (within the class) on the lessons, and all the videos, down­loads, and les­son mate­r­ial would be self-contained on ONE site that wouldn’t require me to install expen­sive, weird, buggy plu­g­ins to my Word­Press site.

How to Read The Grand TableauI’ve been test­ing it out and today I fin­ished assem­bling the entire course for the Grand Tableau.

For those who don’t know, a Grand Tableau is a Lenor­mand spread that uses all 36 cards on the table. If you’ve been strug­gling with your Grand Tableau or want­ing to learn how to read the Grand Tableau, I’ve been teach­ing a course over the past sev­eral years that has evolved from a two-hour sem­i­nar intro­duc­tion, to a full-blown 6 week class. I’ve pre­vi­ously held sec­tions of this class via email groups, but now thanks to Cour­seCraft, I am happy to offer the Grand Tableau as a self-paced course you can reg­is­ter for at any time and com­plete at your leisure.

You’ll find all the infor­ma­tion on the course here on the class descrip­tion site, includ­ing two free sam­ple lessons.

I’m plan­ning on mov­ing the first vol­ume of my Lenor­mand course over to Cour­seCraft later this week (I want to update a few of the videos on that one).

I’m very, very excited about this new plat­form! If you have any ques­tions about the class, the Grand Tableau, or Lenor­mand, please feel free to get in touch through the com­ments, through email, or catch me on Face­book.

Video review: The Dark Goddess Tarot

I was happy to be on the gift­ing end of a copy of the Dark God­dess Tarot by Ellen Lorenzi Prince. When I orig­i­nally saw the images of the cards online, I didn’t feel drawn to them, despite the appeal­ing sub­ject mat­ter. After hav­ing a copy of the cards in my hands though, I must admit to being a lit­tle more than smitten.

The deck has a deep, moody appeal−similar to how I feel when I have my much loved Mary-el in my hands. The card art is just lovely and the grey bor­ders aren’t over­whelm­ing or intru­sive like the Jolanda Tarot (which I trimmed).

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the com­pan­ion book too—and I’m so glad I did, because this meaty deck offers a LOT to chew on with just one or two cards. Each draw deserves it’s own bit of intro­spec­tion and reflection—and research, yes. Vol­umes could be writ­ten about all the dark, fem­i­nine ener­gies rep­re­sented in this Tarot, and the com­pan­ion guide offers a jump­ing off point for going deeper, dig­ging in, and expand­ing aware­ness, not just of the self through the lens of the read­ing, but also of the his­tory, cul­tural con­text, and broad appeal of god­dess lore from around the world.

This wouldn’t be a deck I would rec­om­mend for a stu­dent get­ting started in the Tarot, but for a ded­i­cant of the God­dess, in all forms She takes, the Dark God­dess Tarot will be a much beloved with­mate.